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SURGETEK Co., founded in 2008, is the only professional surge energy transfer device designers and manufacturer. The crucial core competence of SURGETEK is our ability on the technology breakthrough in designing devices which is able to meet all electrical protection against all type of lightning towards all our customers’ needs. With the use of our new, multinational-patented techniques, we provide solutions to interference problems regarding surge energy transfer circuits. 

Justice Liao, the founder of SURGETEK, uses his 25 years of precious experience working in the research department of a state-operated enterprise, which laid the foundation in the development of the “surge energy transfer circuits”. Our company utilized this patented technique to produce a variety of products which include AC three-phase surge energy transfer devices, AC single-phase surge energy transfer devices, DC surge energy transfer devices, and communication surge energy transfer devices, etc. Click on the website of our products for further information.

Justice Liao is the initiator of the “Total lightning detection systems”(TLDS) in Taiwan. After years of accumulated experience, he specialized in the analysis of lightning, its characteristics and other related statistical analysis. This unique background attributed to his later success in the design and development of individualized and effective, custom-designed devices for the protection of electrical facilities from destructive lightning strikes. 

We have set to produce fine quality finished products with high performance as the final goal of our company.

Each metal-structured case of our products is treated with anode and sand blasting, and is definitely a piece of fine art work in itself exclusively made.

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