The characteristics of SEAT (surge energy transfer) devices

Thunderclouds accumulate a huge amount of charge and discharge between the cloud and the ground. If electrical facilities are on the moving route of electric charge and cannot endure a gigantic electric charge impact, this will result in the hardware being damaged. This condition is what people know as electrical facilities suffering lightning strikes. Surge energy transfer devices are able to handle huge amount of invasive electric charge instantaneously. Therefore, the problems caused by lightning strikes can be solved.

• Are able to handle gigantic, invasive electric charge instantaneously, via grounding

• Are able to transfer surge energy into voltage, peak voltage and period variable with huge
amount of electric charge or surge energy.

• Are able to provide effective protection to electrical facilities, even under poor grounding resistance.

• Are able to provide effective protection to IC that is low working voltage and current.

• Are able to use in series and parallel connection to protect heavy loads.

• Surge testing is done with power on (on-line), under ungrounded condition. Load is a notebook PC.

• Are able to confirm varieties of surge immunity standards.

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